Sunday, August 18, 2013

Introducing Catalogs

Catalogs are a great way to share anything, the only limit is how creative you want to be. We've been working on a way to allow people, and businesses, to share events, pages, products, services etc. We, in the beginning, wanted to structure and categories everything, for some technical reasons. But we soon learnt that this approach would not scale well nor even offer enough variety to cater to everyone. Hence the idea of Catalogs came to be. A catalog is, simply put, a list or a collection that you keep, may be as a record or something to share with friends, or even customers in the case of businesses.

For now only catalogs created by businesses are share on Market Buzz, but depending on privacy settings users can also allow their catalogs to be publicly shared. 

Start cataloging by visiting the catalogs section in your profile, in both cases people and business profile pages. A catalog item has to have a photo in order to make others understand what all the fuss is, for your cataloged item. 

We are really excited about catalogs, and the potential they offer, to sum it up let's just says catalogs are to Marketplace, what tweets are to Twitter, or pins to Pinterests.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Blog Arrives

The blog is finally here. This is where we’re gonna drop all sorts of Marketplace related updates: new features, upcoming features, bug fixes, etc etc.